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Marketing these days is a very frustrating exercise. There are so many different services and products out there that imply dramatic ROI, but in reality underperform and underdeliver in a space that is full of sleazy and borderline legal entities.

So, the challenge is to somehow determine how to reach qualified investors (retail traders and small funds) with the HRT message.

The answer we have found is fairly simple: just keep the product honest and keep producing consistent results.

Every one of our customers has a unique and interesting story. We realize every customer we have is critically important to us as they remind us of the reason we are actually doing this and not just trading for ourselves.

Naturally we want to help more and more retail traders, but in an industry full of scammers and shysters, it is extremely difficult to earn respect of a trader when they have never heard of us before.

It is important to keep in mind that you should have some skill when it comes to active trading. In other words you should be experienced in executing trades. While we email alerts the second they go off, you do need to actually execute the trade. How you have your setup is entirely up to you – usually you have time to get the trade done, and if you are a bit late you may even get better entry points. BUT you may also get a less than ideal entry. Which is why you should consider being able to trade from your phone, pre-setup the trade so you just have to click submit, etc. Our service is very simple (one equity, always reversing position, etc.) but it does take some practice to get the best entry.

We are working on a getting started guide to the service, which will go into more detail about the best ways to really take advantage of the service and many other trading insights – coming soon.