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Our Story – HeadTrader Erik

To any aspiring or veteran market traders, below is a condensed version of my story with the stock markets.

The question I get asked the most is – why start a website when you are a successful trader?

Good question and one with a very simple answer: for a long, long time I wasn’t a very good trader.

Here’s the story:

I started trading after the dot-com bubble burst back in 2000. It seemed fairly straight forward and somewhat intuitive. Since I was coming from a career in technology, I figured I could master the markets within a couple of months. With my tech background, and understanding of financial markets it seemed like an easy career transition.

It wasn’t.

20 years and millions in losses and gains later I was so sick of it I could barely get up in the morning.

Then, in December 2020 I decided to learn several programming languages, create my own strategy, keep it private and run it on my own systems in a protected network. A strategy that was incredibly simple so I could use it as well as focus on other non-financial endeavours throughout my workday instead of being chained to my multiple trading screens watching each tick.

Well, in January 2021 figured it out. Suddenly the charts aligned and it all made sense. It’s a matter of heavy Technical Analysis and general veteran gut feel from being in this industry so long.

Tested it for a year and it is now (in my opinion) strong enough to generate consistent returns.

I focused on TSLA because although it is arguably the most watched and manipulated stock, it has incredible volume and volatility. You can trade TSLA with large volume and still remain somewhat protected from the evil market makers and other manipulators of wall street.

Which brings up an important topic: LOSSES.

There will be losses – lots of them. At last count we are approaching a 50% win rate. That means you will lose on many of the trades. HOWEVER – if you look through the performance page you will find that many, many of the wins are far larger than the amount that is incurred in a losing trade. Losses are hard to take but if you want to generate the types of returns we do, you have to be wrong – a lot.

So, back to the urge to create and run a website. This comes from following to too many twitter handles like BigBucksStonksMkt, JuicyandPotentTrderz (I made those both up but there’s a ton out there and I have no respect) and other individuals spewing complete garbage about stock markets and equity plays. And even more terrifying – options plays (with the somewhat new term “lotto options play”).

Also, this meme chart was another make-a-website catalyst. What use could this possible serve to anyone?

In any case, to take full advantage of this service I would recommend a brokerage account you can access from your phone as well as desktop. We do from 0-3 trades a day, so commissions might be a concern. Also, the ability to trade alerts quickly is important. It’s not rocker science but you do need to be prepared. Sometimes we will issue an alert in the pre or aftermarkets so be ready for that to. With enough preparation on your part you will get better and quicker, and beat our returns with our own alerts. Don’t start trying that until you’ve got a lot of time under your belt with our service though.

Take all of our skills, past performance, and ability to read any market timeframe and follow along for the ride by simply executing on the alerts that we generate!


Head Trader Erik

We are driven by values

We run a stock alert service, but are actively looking for high net worth clients who want the HRT returns but don’t want to manage the part of their portfolio that is in HighReturnTrader. If this is you, click the button below and start a conversation.

Super Efficient

Swing Trading is the most efficient type of trading there is. 0-5 day holds are perfect for catching movement.

Deeply Committed

This is our job. With pure focus and dedication to HRT and portfolio performance, we can succeed together.

Highly Skilled

20+ years of experience in the trenches makes us the perfect choice to help with the risk part of your investment activities.