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Generate cash from your stock investments

We have developed a fully automated portfolio management service for high net worth individuals.

Goal: Double your portfolio every year in cash. The last 3 years have exceeded our goals.

The offering is simple:

  • Deposit your investment funds into our corporate brokerage account.
  • Your money is put to work immediately.
  • Login to your client area and watch your money grow over time.
  • Select if and when you would like to withdraw proceeds (eg, monthly, quarterly, yearly) – or put cash right back in to your portfolio.
  • Carry on with your other business activities.

We have developed algorithmic trading, long and short, of a portfolio of about 8 NYSE and Nasdaq listed stocks.

Our returns and performance are substantial, click here to view.

Fully automated – the system executes between 1500-2000 trades per year.

Our management compensation rate is industry standard at 2% on the portfolio, and 20% of trading cash profits. Payable retroactively quarterly.















Build Wealth

Simple, easy fast and effective. Contact us and start making money today.

Set and Forget

Invest in our fund – we take care of managing the high cash return requirements of your overall investment plan.

Don’t Miss Out

These are incredible times. Volatility is high, opportunities are everywhere. Our fund is capped at $20 million. Contact us now to secure your piece of this offering. Partner with a us and we will achieve maximum performance on your investment.















Are You A High Net Worth Individual or Family Office?

We have created our fund, and are running it based upon our proprietary trading algorithm. Minimum investment is 250K with a net worth of greater than 10M. If you are interested, click the button below to contact us.








Not Available Anywhere Else

Our offering is unique and special, there has not been a portfolio like this before, and there likely never will be. If you meet our qualifications, and our portfolio management service is right for you, it is in your best interest to contact us.








We are driven by values

We are actively looking for high net worth clients who want the HRT returns but don’t want to manage the part of their portfolio that is in HighReturnTrader. If this is you, click the button below and start a conversation.


It starts by reaching out!




The offering is simple.