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Sample Email Alert

Usually, we issue one alert per day. Sometimes, there are days when we will issue between 0-3. Everything depends on the market, and more and more, what Elon Musk is up to.

It is critically important to make sure you are in on our alerts, as we are always in a position (either long or short), and your portfolio performance will be improved by getting in as close to the price that we issue.

Here is a sample alert, it can’t be any easier or straight forward with how we issue alerts:

ALERT! Consider a reversal to Long TSLA at $495.23.


“In investing what is comfortable is rarely profitable” – Robert Arnott

Best Regards,
Head Trader Erik

We issue one alert immediately, which tells you what to do, and then follow the daily alerts up with an end-of-day email that summarizes our thoughts and how we did that day.